Category: Module #1 Hospitatlity Booking Modules

Wayfinder AI

  • Explore the nearby famous attractions encouraging guests to return for more.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Text-to-speech & speech-to-text allows blind people to use the app and communicate with the bot to get answers anytime and reach their goals

Upgrade GUEST experience to the NEXT level

  • AI Chatbot Service: AI chatbot trained to serve customers with all insights in the resort/hotel with perfect answers every time and all day long. [More reliable than humans]

  • I-Driven Recommendations: Utilize advanced AI and machine learning to provide personalized recommendations, based on insights from user behavior, enhancing overall experience.

  • Instant Notifications: Implement a dynamic notifications module to promptly update users on various offers, events, and important information, ensuring timely engagement.

  • Chatbot AI Suggestions: AI suggestions to initiate conversations with our chatbot, offering opportunities to upsell premium hotel services. 

Check in / out

  • Guests breeze through check-in with a quick QR code scan.
  • Scan when checkout to quickly pay at reception

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  • Arrange transportation services within the resort
  • Enhance guest mobility and convenience
  • Offer a range of transportation options
Booking Car Services


  • Reserve spaces for various events and activities
  • Simplify event planning for guests
  • Ensure a seamless event booking experience
Booking Events


  • Effortless room reservations
  • Streamlined room selection and payment process
  • View room options and availability
Booking Rooms


  • Keep guests informed via SMS
  • Provide booking confirmations and updates.
  • Send personalized offers and alerts
Notfications (SMS)